Who we are

Hi, I’m Mark.  I’ve always had a passion for travel and photography. I’ve visited over 40 Countries and lived in New Zealand for 2 years.  Jamie and I also lived on the Isle of Wight for a year as activity instructors.


It was during my travels that I really got into photography and started to develop my skills and appreciate the beauty in the world around me.  

I started to educate myself  in filming and editing skills during my road trip across the US.  Jamie then really introduced me to the level of filming we do now.

For me hours are long and it is tiring, but seeing the finished product and the emotion it can deliver makes it all worth it.

Hey, I'm Jamie.  I’m a father of a beautiful four year old boy who is my life. Closely followed by fishing and videography.


From a young age I was drawn to fishing and it developed into a real passion and escapism for me.

I could never really express to family and friends how exciting fishing was so decided to start filming my fishing adventures; making fishing cool but editing in a cinematic style. I didn’t realise at the time, but from this my interest in videography was born. Since then it’s grown it’s own legs and developed into a key passion of mine. Now defining me as a videographer. It has allowed me to transition into different fields.


Mark and I started filming weddings for family and quickly found that we had a knack for it.

We had fun filming the days, enjoyed creating the story in the editing room and really loving the reactions

our films got from the couples and their guests.

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