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Mark and Jamie are childhood friends who founded Peekaboo Films in 2018; Specialising in wedding videography, they aim to deliver fun and romantic cinematic films.  Their approach is documentary style filming; to capture natural and candid shots.  

Mark has always had a passion for travel and photography. Visiting over 40 Countries; he lived in New Zealand for 2 years.  Mark and Jamie also lived on the Isle of Wight for a year as activity instructors.

During Mark' s travels he really got into photography and started to develop his skills when he returned.  What was seeded as a means of escape developed into a passion and the appreciation for the beauty in the world; often hidden in the little things.   Mark discovered his love of filming while documenting his road trip across the US .  


Jamie's two main passions are fishing and videography.


From a young age Jamie was drawn to fishing and it developed into a real passion and escapism.  Not one for words, he could never really express to family and friends how exciting fishing was, so decided to start filming his fishing adventures and making them in to cool cinematic fishing films.

Since then his videography and skill has grown into a key passion for him.

Mark and Jamie started filming weddings for family and quickly found that they not only had a natural instinct and ability for filming, but they also really enjoyed the experience.  

To have such a unique and intimate view of a momentous occasion in a couples journey is such an honour. Weddings are a happy occasion and being asked to help tell this part of the couples story is such and amazing privilege.

It's always a special moment to watch the films back and get absorbed in the emotion of the day. It helps cement their goal of making a connection with the viewer.


With each video came positive feed back; from couple and guests. So, they decided to follow what makes them happy and Peekaboo films was born.


Who we are

Peekaboo Films


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